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John-Michael Sedor

Voice Over Artist / Actor / Comedian

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About Me

Yo! Thanks for checking out my site. This must mean you're interested in my work or maybe you matched with me on a dating app and you want to make sure I'm legit.

Either way welcome!

I'm a voice over artist, actor, and comedian from Philadelphia, PA. Hit me up for the best cheesesteak. I now live in Los Angeles, CA - City of Stars - I'm far from one, but I do have the literal voice of an angel and some people would describe me as a miracle, although not my parents, they would say I was a mistake.


Despite having a face for radio, I perform improv all over LA with my teams Wimbledon and TUCCI and host an instagram sports betting show called Bet The Spread


As an actor/voice artist, I have worked with numerous clients including Disney, Walmart, Trek, and Epson just to name a few. I have home studio capabilities, equipped with Source Connect and I graduated from Boston University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism.

Hopefully I can help you with your next project!


Demo / Reel

John-Michael Sedor DemoJohn-Michael Sedor
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Epson Eco Tank MVP CommercialJohn-Michael Sedor
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Commercial Reel

Hosting Reel

CAZ Sports Bar - Casino Arizona
Dollar General
VCCU Mobile
Siteground VO


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